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by Mar 17, 2023

Welcome to our Blog! I will be posting information regularly to explain different facts and inspirations to help expand your knowledge of vision and how it impacts your world.

To start, I will explain my journey with Vision Therapy. In early 2015, one of my adult patients who had a lazy eye (her eye turned in) came to her appointment with an article with information on a new technique to treat her condition. She asked if I was aware of this. I was not at the time and as my curiosity was piqued, I decided to investigate. What I found was very intriguing, and I started pursuing courses to further my knowledge. This journey started the summer of 2015.

A few months later, my younger daughter (who was in grade 6) started complaining that the words moved on the page and she had to read out loud to understand the text. Her grades at this point were A’s and B’s, so there had never been any academic concerns. I took her to be assessed in the fall of her grade 7 year. The testing showed her tracking was inadequate, and she couldn’t hold her eye alignment onto the page, hence her symptoms. Her reading grade at her report card at this point had dropped to a C. She had reached the limits of her system.

As soon as I had taken the OEP Vision and Learning course, I had her do the Vision Therapy program to help remediate the dysfunctions. It took 35 sessions to get her abilities at the level necessary to handle the visual demands for reading and learning. We not only worked on tracking and focusing when reading, but also on visualization and the mental manipulation of visual data (think road maps and how to navigate them properly).  And her reading grades went back up to A’s and B’s. The added bonus was that she no longer had to put in as much effort when reading and therefore wasn’t fatigued as quickly and her frustrations were essentially eliminated.

Over the last 7 years, my team and I have had the pleasure of working with several children and adults with these issues. This not only helped the visual skills. It also built their confidence as they could process what they needed to learn properly and were secure in their knowledge. Imagine no longer feeling like you are always behind! Imaging the possibilities that you could now see that you could never consider before!

Seeing how deep of an impact Vision Therapy can have on someone’s life, I then took the plunge to open a full-time clinic to serve anyone who is struggling with vision processing issues. It is very rewarding for my team and I to be part of the solution that leads our patients towards a more expanded life.


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