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Children who struggle with reading often have undiagnosed vision problems. The inability to properly track across the words, or to continue to see the words clearly can cause children to lose focus, shorten their attention span leading to frustration and avoiding anything to do with reading. Often parents are confused as to why their bright child cannot keep up with their school work. These children can easily be mistaken for being lazy, unmotivated, dyslexic or slow learners. They can also develop behaviours that look similar to ADHD-related symptoms. 

Some of the more common signs that an eye coordination (using the two eyes together correctly) or eye movement (tracking along a line of print) problem is interfering with reading include:    

  • avoidance of close work such as reading                                                   
  • difficulty copying from the board 
  • loss of place when reading 
  • skips lines, misses words 
  • print appears to move while reading 
  • excessive blinking or eye rubbing when reading 
  • headaches with near tasks 
  • homework takes longer than it should 
  • poor reading comprehension 
  • easily distracted 
  • reverses letters or words 

If your child has any of the above signs or you would like additional information, please call our office or use the contact us form by clicking here.

Assessment and Treatment Options 

At our clinic, the first step is a full Behavioural Vision Assessment.  The assessment takes approximately 1.5 hours. The testing is designed to give the doctor enough information to fully evaluate the 17 visual skills required for reading and learning as well as how the child interprets what he/she sees.  

The treatment plans are customized for each patient based on their needs. Dr. Lalonde meets with both parents to gather additional information regarding how the vision problem is impacting the child’s overall performance at home as well as in school. The child typically does not attend this appointment so everyone can discuss the child’s difficulties freely. If for some reason you are uncomfortable having both parents in this meeting, a separate consultation can be scheduled for each parent, or it can be performed through ‘zoom’.

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