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Expanding Lives by Expanding Vision

We’ve noticed a better focus when reading and a greater ability to track his words.  He also seems to have taken more of an interest in reading some materials.  Thank you for all of the work that you’ve done with B. over the past year!  

Mother of B. S.

age 9

My therapist was amazing and very encouraging.  The tasks were well explained and effective.  My only suggestion is to have regular time slots available for patients so it is at the same time every week.  Having said that I am very happy with the progress I have made and would highly recommend the program.  

T. V.

age 36

Thanks for identifying difficulties that my son was having with his vision (he was working much too hard!) and offering a solution.  The most noticeable gains I have observed have been in his reading/writing skills, as well as in the sports he loves to play.  Everyone went above and beyond what I had expected!  Thank you!  From a truly grateful mom.  

Mother of W. T.

age 9

The program has helped N. become interested in reading again. N. is able to follow along in a book and understand what is going on.

Mother of N.D.

age 16

This great program definitely helped K. out so much. He can focus a lot more and he gives more time to his work/tasks that he is trying to accomplish. He gets less frustrated which helps us all out :D. Thank you so much for your patience and hard work towards K.


age 11

M. loved attending vision therapy! The information was provided in a way that kept M. interested and engaged through the program. He was able to develop routine and his grades improved in school. I hope M. will continue with the activities of the vision therapy course on his own at home. Thank you for everything 😀

Mother of M. B.

age 9

The program has helped our son to better track while reading, his focus is better, he doesn’t fidget while reading or doing homework.  The program has also helped with his sports hand-eye coordination.  Thank you!  

Mother of G. P.

age 8

E. always enjoyed coming here. Both therapists made the experience pleasant and positive for her. And hence, she was much more willing to work on her therapy.  The actual therapy became quite challenging to complete at home (especially in the context of a busy lifestyle).  Overall, very happy with both therapists and their delivery of the material. 

Mother of E.R.

age 9

The Vision Therapy program helped T. with his reading, he has gained confidence and is much less frustrated when reading.  

Mother of T. C.

age 10

I no longer see double and have much better control of my eyes.  Focussing on things is far less strenuous on my eyes than it was before vision therapy. I almost never require the use of my glasses now. Overall vision therapy has improved nearly all aspects of my sight.


The program has helped my confidence in school and in the sports I most enjoy. I notice how my peripheral vision has improved. My reaction time and ability to know where my body is in space have both improved. Thank you very much!


age 11

I was beyond thrilled to regain the ability to work on the computer again, to read whenever, wherever, and how ever long I wanted to. To be able to regain my ability to drive again was a successful FREEDOM feeling instead of having to rely on others to go somewhere.


age 51

The program has helped W. gain confidence in his reading. It has allowed him to more efficiently solve his math problems. His skating jumps are easier to rotate because he is no longer leaning to the right. All around good program.


Well at first it would be a “one” but every week it made me get better and every time I mess up it makes me better, and now it is a “ten”.  It has helped with improving my blurred vision as well as I am not having to lay my head down anymore with homework.  It has helped me read better not skipping words or lines as well I am not having headaches either or tired eyes at the end of the day.  

A. M.

age 9

The program has helped H. immensely.  Right from the first 3 weeks his balance and coordination improved.  And now he’s able to read much better among so many other improvements.  The therapists were fantastic with H.  Always friendly, understanding and energetic. 

Mother of H. H.

age 6

This program has provided me good care and great knowledge on vision therapy.  They have helped me one on one with making my vision more clear, and my overall eyesight stronger which provides more control.  They are a caring team who wants the best for your vision and they make that the ultimate goal.  I can honestly say this program was the best thing for me and my confidence.  Special thank you to the team.  I appreciate everything you guys have done for me.  Thank you.  


age 21

Better at writing, physical balance, and depth perception.  I always feel & am aware of my lazy eye waking up.


age 58

I have noticed a huge change with S. Her reading and writing have both improved so much! She also has more confidence when it comes to reading than she did before we started. Thank you!

Mother of S.Q.

age 8

I can read better than I did before I started. I can see better. I don’t give up easily like I used to.


Every encounter with is a pleasure. The staff are so incredibly friendly and my son is devastated that after a year of weekly visits, it has come to an end. The transformation I’ve seen in him has been incredible. His school work is being completed on time with ease and confidence. He feels comfortable to engage in class discussions. He feels so good about himself and I honestly believe it is all to do with his vision therapy program. He no longer gets headaches or feel nauseated with his visual tracking. The program has increased his quality of life and his relationships with others. I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about our experience.

Mother of T.W.

age 12

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