Symptom Checklist

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Symptom Checklist

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself or your child, call our office to schedule an appointment.


Performance Clues

  • Avoidance of near work
  • Frequent loss of place when reading
  • Omitting, inserting, or rereading words in a paragraph
  • Confusing similar looking words
  • Failure to recognize same word in next sentence
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Difficulty copying from the chalkboard
  • Poor handwriting, misaligns numbers
  • Letter or word reversals after first grade
  • Difficulty following directions

Physical Clues

  • Red, sore, tearing, or itching eyes
  • Jerky eye movements, one eye turning in or out
  • Squinting, eye rubbing, or excessive blinking
  • Blurred or intermittent double vision
  • Headaches, dizziness, or nausea after reading
  • Head tilting or closing or blocking one eye when reading
  • Exaggerated head movement when reading
  • Very close reading distance
  • Inconsistent or poor at sports

Behavior Clues

  • Smart, but struggling in school
  • Low self-esteem, poor self image
  • Temper flare-ups, aggressiveness, emotional outbursts
  • Frequent crying, over emotional
  • Short attention span, easily
  • Distracted, can’t concentrate
  • Fatigue after school / work
  • Frustration, stress
  • Irritability
  • Withdrawn, lacks confidence, won’t try


  • Lazy
  • Dyslexic
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Slow Learner
  • Behavioral Problem
  • Working Below Potential
  • Learning Disability
  • Immature

Keep in mind even one of the symptoms above can be a sign that you or your child may have a vision problem at the root of his or her difficulties. By scheduling a developmental vision evaluation in our office, we will be able to determine the full depth of the vision problem.

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